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    [Steel smart manufacturing into the next outlet]
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    Since the "13th Five-Year Plan", intelligent manufacturing has been deepened in applications such as steel manufacturing, business management, logistics and distribution, and product sales. The key process flow has more than 65% numerical control rate and more than 70% enterprise resource planning (ERP) equipment rate. In the smart manufacturing pilot demonstration, the steel industry focused on process-based intelligent manufacturing, large-scale personalized customization, remote operation and maintenance services to carry out pilot demonstration.

    In 2017 September, at the ABC SUMMIT 2017 (2017), Baidu signed a cooperation agreement with Baosteel and Shougang. Among them, Baidu and Baosteel will jointly explore and deepen artificial intelligence, and big data and cloud services in the industrial The core concepts and basic logic of the field of application, the formation of a variety of data acquisition, data analysis, model tools and other key technologies and products; Shougang and Baidu cloud in the field of steel quality inspection cooperation, Baidu cloud plate defect classification model accuracy rate 99.98%!

    On the afternoon of December 18, Huawei Technologies signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Yonggang Group, and both parties will cooperate in the high-tech, high-end and intelligent construction of the steel industry.

    On December 26, Alibaba Group signed a cooperation agreement with Shan Steel Group to jointly explore a new model for intelligent transformation of steel based on AI's artificial intelligence and cloud computing technologies in terms of production process optimization, energy consumption reduction and technological innovation .

    Iron and steel will obviously become the next outlet, then the five major iron and steel enterprises what action it

    Steel smart manufacturing into the next outlet Five iron and steel enterprises how to carry out intelligent transformation

    Excellent intelligent steel business representatives

    Sha Steel

    Industrial robots: such as electric furnace steel temperature measurement, billet spray robot and smart identification device.

    Self-service delivery system: to achieve a single library, delivery code, delivery note self-service hit sand stamp function.

    Application of mobile terminals: mobile phone technology monitoring system, PDA (Pocket PC) and other mobile devices online inspection, safety inspector, scrap grading, online technical supervision and other applications.

    Online Logistics Park: Accelerate the construction of Nine Dragons Iron and Steel Logistics Park.

    Baoshan Iron and Steel

    Establish a smart workshop: In 2014, take the 1580 hot-rolled production line smart workshop as the breakthrough point, take the industrial internet data integration and the intelligent robot as the focus.

    International cooperation: In 2015, "Baosteel Siemens Joint Exploration Industry 4.0 Project" was launched.

    Promote the Business Technology Model: 2016 Signed a Strategic Agreement between Baosteel and Siemens Smart Manufacturing (Industry 4.0) to further promote smart manufacturing and establish a business technology model that can be promoted in the iron and steel industry or other industries to provide for the implementation of China's supply-side reform model.


    The implementation of the machine substitutions: the key link substitution machine as the starting point to try and practice the whole process substitution machine to enhance the level of intelligent production, in 2015, the temperature sampling robot successfully used in Nansteel EAF steel production.

    Focus on cooperation with advanced enterprises in foreign countries: To establish a joint innovation base of Nangang Baden Steel, Germany, with Germany Baden Group to train more management personnel and technical personnel, carry out in-depth intelligent factory cooperation and create whole-process intelligent manufacturing and intelligent service , Intelligent logistics plate production line.

    Development of intelligent equipment: cooperation in the development of refining furnace robots, converter caster mold automation plus slag robot and other special intelligence equipment.

    Develop intelligent service for the industry: To further expand cooperation with Baden Group in metallurgical robotics applications, environmental consulting, factory training and other fields, and gradually open up the metallurgy robot service market in China.

    Mei Steel

    Strengthen learning to raise awareness: full study seminar "Thinking of Meisteel Intelligent Manufacturing", "Preliminary Thoughts on Promoting Meishan Smart Manufacturing Technology Work" special report, the formation of the system concept and clear understanding of the status of the company's smart manufacturing and promote the idea.

    A clear goal of steady progress: proposed to reduce manual operations, improve automation capabilities; comprehensively promote the establishment of regional, process information monitoring, management and control platform; boost the formulation of the company's intelligent manufacturing planning goals of the five major programs in order to achieve from mechanization, automation, Information technology to the progressive progress of intelligence.

    The system planning step-by-step: the establishment of intelligent manufacturing to promote the project team, the 83 smart manufacturing projects classified and promote, make full use of existing resources, timely investment in resources urgently needed, give full play to each unit to promote intelligent manufacturing role, to encourage each unit Plan to promote the steps.

    Anshan Iron and Steel Mining

    Information construction: Build GIS three-dimensional integrated geological information system, basic data automatic acquisition system, production execution system (MES), decision analysis system, the formation of AMS (saddle management system).

    "Conscious cloud" application system: server resource utilization increased from 10% to 80%, annual direct economic benefits of 260 million yuan.

    Financial Sharing Management Platform: Realize the transformation from financial work to core business such as strategic decision analysis, capital operation and enhancement of financial control ability.

    The construction of "smart mines" includes the construction of five levels of smart human-based management, smart decision-making support, smart business coordination, smart production execution and smart equipment control, and has built an international advanced mine information management platform through three international certifications , With international standards.

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